About Me

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Saikat Pyne is an India-based brand communication & digital content expert professional with close to a decade of experience in advising global brands including PayU Global, Paytm group companies & Times Internet in ways to build and manage their reputation with digital-first communication.


Before working at PayU, Saikat was in charge of content creation & strategy in the strategic communications team at Times Internet group comapnies. He has also been in charge of PR Content and Creative Strategy for India’s largest payments company, Paytm. His work has shaped Paytm’s reputation across 13 countries including India, Canada, China, USA, and France as it made inroads into e-commerce, mobile-first banking, social gaming & financial services. 

A keen admirer of creativity and content initiatives, Saikat started his media career as the youngest in the three-member crack team that launched the India edition of Business Insider. In his time as a journalist, he has authored over 400 byline articles for Business Insider, Economic Times, the Times of India, Indiatimes, and other Times Internet verticals.

My Story



Dec '21-Present

As I moved into my late twenties, I joined PayU Global and started overseeing digital communications and other brand-building efforts for PayU India - one of the largest fintech ecosystems in APAC. 

Within days of joining, I started managing the global Pegasus employer branding initiative to win the fintech talent war in India. I also started spearheading the launch of a PayU-owned fintech publication focused on delivering news & analysis on India's most significant fintech trends. With 2022 set to be a key year for PayU, and the fintech ecosystem in APAC, and I'm set to direct the promotional approaches for multiple new key PayU product launches in the years ahead.


Dec '18-Dec '21

As I moved into my mid-twenties, I joined Times Internet and started overseeing content & creative strategy for its 35+ portfolio brands. 

Besides my professional commitments, I started working on the manuscript of my first book on personal branding titled ‘<You Inc.>: Personal Branding For The Young & Restless’ that will (hopefully) inspire more youngsters to carve out an individual agenda with their work, and not just chase a paycheck. Luckily, I was selected among 15 aspiring authors for the Outpublish scholarship programme by one of India’s largest hybrid publishers, Notion Press.

I also started running three budding blogs that cover a pretty wide range of topics. The ‘Shy Sensationalist’ blog (blog.saikatpyne.com) discusses topics at the intersection of creativity, digital communication and media intelligence, the ‘Mello Musings’ blog (mellomusings.com) offers refreshing thoughts, stories and ideas on life and the quirky ‘Deal Dada’ blog (dealdada.in) brings out my inner deal hunter, and is a great place the value-conscious Indian consumer looking for a bargain.


Sept '16-Dec '19

I was hired by Paytm as a Content Writer. As in BI, I was soon doing way more than I was hired to do...but before I could settle in, Demonetisation hit. Our two-member team worked overtime for over 102 days in what became one of the most aggressive PR campaigns in Indian media history.

Our two-member team secured $48 million worth of coverage in those 112 days. The global media and communication industry started to take note of our success - we won multiple global awards. I was soon leading PR Content & Creative Strategy for all Paytm group companies globally.


I oversaw some of the biggest PR announcements and events and was single-handedly taking care of half-a-dozen corporate blogs by the time I left in 2018. I also joined as a Guest Lecturer in IIMC Delhi - often being the youngest one in these classes! 

All this, mind, was happening to a 24-year-old.


May '15-Aug '16

Right out of journalism school, I joined Business Insider as a part of a three-member Crack Team that launched the world's biggest business news website in India. Three months into my first job, I was leading a 10-member cross-functional task force in what became Business Insider's first India campaign. The campaign cost a couple of thousand rupees but got us the much-needed visibility and brand equity among the startup leadership of the day.

Six months on, I was a dependable Startup Correspondent at Business Insider with most top Indian entrepreneurs on my speed dial. More than a third of my publication’s readership came from my stories. I established multiple viral content properties, including the Leadership Lessons Series that received over 10 million organic views and was featured in Accenture’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ Study by Peter Hanson and Christian Kelly. Less than a year into my stint with Business Insider, it was already half as big as Economic Times, the country's largest business news destination that had over 200 reporters on its payroll!

By the time I left Business Insider, I already had over 400 articles in my name across Business Insider, Economic Times, Times of India, India Times and other leading media verticals. I had also picked up some invaluable digital marketing, branded content and editorial skills.