August 14, 2022

5 Digital Marketing Tips To Expand Your Brand's Reach in 2022

Growing a business may seem like a complex affair despite living in an age where Google Analytics lets marketers track the average

Growing a business may seem like a complex affair despite living in an age where Google Analytics lets marketers track the average conversion rate of each webpage, and Facebook Ads and Google AdWords allow bids for leads and sales. This is because it's indispensable to discover a profitable niche by defining a target demographic to make these online tools work. Whether a brand is selling products, services, or simply knowledge or news, it's impossible to stay afloat and churn a profit without the right branding & marketing strategy.

Branding is a dying art in today’s increasingly digital marketing-dominated world, mainly because it’s easier to track PPC and SEO results than a deliberate & creative branding campaign.

This is unfortunate because building a strong, trusted & purpose-led brand is a powerful asset for any business in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.

If you are a marketer, here are 5 tips that can help you establish, expand and strengthen a brand’s digital brand presence and reach in an effective manner:

  1. Lasting Impact Vs Immediate ROI:

In a data-led era, it’s simple to track the response rate and profitability of a simple banner advertisement and narrow down the top-performing placements and demographics with a certain amount of trial and error. This makes it a tempting proposition to purely focus on driving short-term conversion and campaign-led ROI to gauge a brand’s reputation. This results in confusion, where marketers launch social and display-based campaigns that are compromised by optimizing for direct response metrics!

While it's completely fine to have parallel performance marketing efforts, it's crucial to realize that branding campaigns - both on social & online media work best minus a sense of urgency. The real value of an exceptional branding campaign is apparent in the long term, and are exactly the opposite of those from direct response.

2. Have Well-priced Banner Ads

Over the last half-decade, steadily rising CPM rates for display ads have made it a slightly less appealing channel for branding campaigns. However, display ads are still an exceptionally effective way to expand your reach and gain new users.

The key to hosting an effective brand campaign via display ads is to find high-traffic websites that attract a niche audience, i.e. media websites like MensXP, iDiva, The Economic Times, and so on. If loyal readers of these publications are viewing your ads, they are more likely to become customers of a relevant brand’s products and services. One of the largest media publishers in APAC, Times Internet sells its inventory at attractive rates on Colombia Online, its own ad tech network.

3. Use Relevant Social Media & Branded Content sites To Promote Ad Content

Generating impactful content is the perfect way to strengthen and expand your brand’s reach. Social media and branded content websites to create more opportunities for content discovery. If done right, content promotion can enable marketers to reach a large audience in a cost-effective manner in a way that is likely to respond positively to their brand.

Facebook & Twitter Ads are a great way to target users who prefer similar products and companies, helping you reach a highly motivated audience. This will help narrow the funnel by cutting off the people who are unlikely to use your products & services.

4. Become A Content Creator

One of the most effective ways to build and strengthen a brand is through periodic organic content. This may be in the form of blogs, videos, articles, but engaging & authoritative content is the best way to define & boost a brand over time.

Content also has a cascading effect on SEO while attracting a significant number of links and pageviews. This makes content the foundation of a long-term strategy for brand building while also boosting a website’s SEO.

5. Leverage Genuine Influencers

One of the quickest ways to boost brand visibility on social media without the years of toil to build an audience is to engage influencers. The key here is to find the ‘right’ influencer for a brand. Marketers are often blinded by ‘big’ influencers with millions of followers while missing out on key micro-influencers with tens of thousands or even a hundred thousand loyal followers.

The real influencer has the same target audience as a brand and can act as a great engine to spread the message to the right consumer base. If done properly, they can help reach a sizable audience for cheap. This works perfectly if a brand’s sales funnel and product strategy are in place.

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