August 14, 2022

A-Z Checklist To Create High-Converting Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile marketing landing pages are a must for most brands. Mobile search has bypassed desktop searches in India for some time. Add

Mobile marketing landing pages are a must for most brands. Mobile search has bypassed desktop searches in India for some time. Additionally, mobile is now a key channel for most Indians to search online. This means it’s essential to think smart when considering how to create a mobile landing page.

Here are some best practices to help you in this endeavor:

1. Pay Attention to Page Loading Speeds

Speed is crucial for mobile-device users, and if a mobile landing page UI is slow and clunky, they will lose interest. This is one of the best mobile landing page optimisation tips that can help speed up a website and landing page.

A simple and responsive layout with optimised graphics is a great way to go. Google's Test My Site tool to see how fast your page loads and get recommendations for improvement.

2. Make the CTA Precise

Mobile-device users don’t hang around, so the best mobile landing pages have a clear and visible CTA that ensure great contrasts with the page background, and have large and easy to click buttons. Additionally, what users are supposed to see after tapping the CTA should also load seamlessly in less than 3 seconds.

3. Shorten The Content

Given the short attention span on mobile, it’s wise to get to the point as soon as possible. Use shorter headlines and really short paragraphs, to avoid having an off-putting wall of text.

4. Add a Click-to-Call Button

Adding a click-to-call button is a smart move. Interested mobile users can contact you immediately.

5. Streamline The Lead Capture Methods

Whether you’re simply using a mobile landing page, or the page includes a pop-up form, you must capture leads for future marketing initiatives. Avoid trying to collect unnecessary details. Keep the form simple and get more details later.

While these mobile landing page best practices work for many, don’t forget to test them with your own audience, to see what works best for your business.

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