August 14, 2022

Display Advertising: 6 Essential Benefits Of Display Advertising In Digital Marketing

While promoting your business in the online realm, the prominent factors to take into consideration are: * The appearance of the

While promoting your business in the online realm, the prominent factors to take into consideration are:

  • The appearance of the ad visually to attract audience attention
  • Demography and location so that your business gets maximum exposure
  • Lastly, ad relevancy to get more responses and increased conversions

That is why, in the field of digital marketing, display advertising has become popular as these ads are designed keeping in mind the above factors. There has been a great demand for display advertising as this form of digital marketing has proved to be very beneficial for a wide range of businesses.

What is Display Advertising?

Display advertising or banner advertising is a method of advertising with the help of graphics, texts, photographs, animation, logo, videos, and other forms of rich media. It attracts the audience in a way that there is quick action on the ad by end-users. This can be in terms of placing an order or sending a query or landing on the home page. The objective is to increase conversions and subsequently, sales. This is done by making the ad look appealing to the end-users and ensuring they end up clicking on it, irrespective of where it is placed, either on the website or on social media.

What types of display ads are used in online marketing?

Let’s check out the common types of display ads below:

  • Banner Ads: These ads are the top-placed ads in a banner design on a website.
  • Interstitial Ads: Here, the display ads look like web pages. Users click on the ad considering it to be one of the website pages. When clicked, users are directed to their requested page.
  • Rich Media: In-display ads, rich media is very popular. There are interactive features in rich media, in the form of audio, video, and clickable elements.
  • Video Ads: Video Ads are another form of display ads, and these have become quite popular on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

How display ads are beneficial in online marketing?

Display advertising has brought with it a new customer base in which customers remain increasingly connected. Google Display Ads reach almost 90% of Internet users. There are around 210 million unique visitors each month in the US who click on display ads and visit different online businesses. Display ads are one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to diverse-interest groups of people, who prefer continuous interaction on the web and who become end customers.


1. Diversity in styles and visually appealing: Display ads can be presented in various style formats and sizes which make it convenient for a web designer to come up with a visual that has a mass appeal, a commercial message, and thus will help you to achieve your business goals. Display ads are more beneficial than regular search engine marketing ads.

2. Display ads help in creating brand awareness: Businesses that use display ads have a greater chance of popularizing their brands because the ad is styled in such a way that all information about the brand is provided on the ad itself. In fact, a research report stated that brand awareness increased by 21% in marketing campaigns that used display ads.

3. Display ads target the right audience: An important factor to consider in digital marketing is to connect with the right audience instead of targeting each and every one. Display ads have the benefit of shortlisting potential audience-specific parameters like location, demography, or the market in which these ads will appear.

4. Visibility increases with display ads: Though you can target specific audiences with display ads, you can still increase your business presence online by making display ads visible to users, who may not even search for your business.

5. Retargeting is another benefit of display ads: Many times, even if a user visits your website, there may not be any conversions. But, incase of display ads, there is the benefit of retargeting. The visually attractive display ads remain memorable in the minds of the users so much that there is every chance of a prospective user who could still be considering your business to visit the website again, and this can lead to a conversion.

6. Last but not least, display ads are cost-effective advertising options: Unlike other advertising channels which require large investments, display ads are comparatively inexpensive.

Some digital marketers question the benefits of display advertising and worry that the money spent on their campaign will be more than the desired result. With correct placement and strategically targeting the right audience, display advertising can actually prove to be fruitful. And, as mentioned already, display ads are relatively cheaper. Studies have already shown that display ads get 22% greater conversions and increased sales as compared to other online marketing campaigns. Display advertising is expected to grow faster than many other forms of online advertising in the near future.

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