August 14, 2022

The Relationship Between ASO & SEO: Is ASO Even Necessary?

Do you know, there are more than 2 million apps in the App Store at the present time? With such a huge number of apps available, h

Do you know, there are more than 2 million apps in the App Store at the present time? With such a huge number of apps available, how do you make your app come to the top of the listing page of the App store?

The answer to this is App Store Optimization or ASO.

SEO is for Websites and ASO is for Mobile Apps. Now, is it possible to interlink the two? Do you think that these two marketing strategies are competing with each other? Is it possible to apply an SEO technique on ASO and vice versa? The answer is why not? The interlinking of ASO and SEO is possible and many experts are favoring it. But, to know how far it is feasible and how far it is required, let’s elaborate on both concepts.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

The objective of SEO is to get better ranks for websites, to rank high on SERPs by working on the changing algorithms of the various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Search engines work not only on the basis of appropriate keywords, relevant meta tags, alt tags, and quality content, but also by including bookmarking, social media sharing, blog postings, backlinking, and so on.

App Store Optimization or ASO

Like search engines, we have app stores like Google Play Store, Windows stores, Apple iTunes. ASO is needed to give a good rank of your business on the app stores. So, when you search for a particular product/video/music on the app store, as a user, you will definitely prefer to download the first few positioned apps on the screen. This is where APP Store Optimization or ASO steps in. Like SEO, it also includes various techniques like optimization of title, description, screenshot, video, etc. so that the app is visible among the top listings in the store.

Is interlinking necessary?

In a common man’s world, who surf both the NET and an app store, ASO can be considered as the SEO for apps. But, this is not absolutely correct. When it comes to the working of the real digital world, SEO and ASO are not the same, and it will be wrong on the part of optimizers to approach both in the same way. They are somehow connected but with different goals and different specificities. So, the techniques applied on SEO for better ranking on the search engine won’t always work in favor of ASO for better ranking on the app store.

Let’s know the differences first before integrating them

While in SEO, the thumb rule is to play with keywords and create content around it so that your website appears on the top, with ASO, the need is to implement metadata, visuals, and content on the basis of how users search on these play stores.

Though ASO can be considered as the SEO of mobile apps, in reality, the techniques are quite different from each other. Keywords targeting is always given prominence in both ASO and SEO. But, ASO also encompasses other relevant features like as videos, screenshots, search ads, real-time reviews, ratings etc, which work for App store optimization

The basic difference is the way we search

There are different search methodologies adopted by users to search in search engines or in app stores. For search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, usually users make searches that are more or less research-based. You need information about something. In a mobile app store, however, the search is more features-based or e-commerce based.

So, the keyword search that we make on SEO to come across a website won’t be so effective on the app stores. The pattern of searching by users is different for both. There is a need for creative display presentations of apps to attract users.

Each play store also has its own technique of listing the apps

Remember, the two most widely used App stores, Google play store and Apple iOS have their distinctive techniques to list the apps on their respective stores. The optimized strategies applied must complement the specific platform used, be it Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or others. Each app store has its own features and character limitations to consider. ASO needs to be done in such a way that it is effective for the platform in which the app will be listed.

For instance, in the iOS App Store, there is the keyword field where a 100-character keyword set is fixed for indexing. But, this declared keyword field is not available on a Google play store.

In Google Play Store, the short description of 80 characters of an app has a great impact on the ASO in terms of conversion rate. The best part is that interested users can click on the “Read more” option to read the full description of the app. So, a short and crisp description but with quality content becomes the highlight of the app.

To what extent can SEO be integrated on ASO?

The end result is that we can still use SEO on ASO but not to the fullest extent. Digital marketers are of the opinion that SEO can help only about 25 to 30% visibility of an app.

  • For instance, if you have a proper landing page of your website on the search engine results page, you can direct the users to visit the app store and click on the app.
  • Another SEO strategy that can be adopted on ASO is to add backlinks to your app on the website
  • Similarly, try sharing your app listing on various social media profiles.

All these help in giving better indexing of your app on the search engine.

Both SEO and ASO increase optimization so that your site is discovered on the search engine and your app is discovered on the app store, respectively. A successful SEO on the website does not guarantee a successful ASO as both techniques require different execution processes. What works on the web may not work on an app store. In the end, we can say that both SEO and ASO can work in tandem with each other but we cannot replace one with the other.

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