August 14, 2022

Native Advertising - The Best Practices For Success In 2022

Native advertising is a form of promotional content that appears on external platforms without explicitly looking like ads. These

Native advertising is a form of promotional content that appears on external platforms without explicitly looking like ads. These ads blend in seamlessly with editorial content, making it a seamless experience for potential consumers. While native ads come under multiple names like 'sponsored posts', 'paid content' among others, it is an ever-evolving sector.

Here is a 101 guide to the best practices in native advertising in 2022:

1. Outline a robust Content Strategy

Native content comes in diverse shapes and sizes, and they can help CTRs for a promotional page and direct audiences to content hosted on an advertiser's page. However, these ads have to be informative and educational that helps build brand awareness for an organization.

Taking a close look at the quality of the content helps ensure greater reach and flexibility. By investing in multiple formats such as video, podcasts, and infographics and having a robust content strategy in place would enable any brand to get higher ROI for their native ads.

2. Focus On Image Thumbnails

The first thing a potential consumer comes across is the image thumbnail. If that is of poor quality or is badly rendered, or is plain uninteresting, they are more likely to scroll over.

It's important to remember that consumers will view the native content on a variety of devices, making it difficult to specify the accurate aspect ratio and cropping dimensions for most platforms. It's essential to remember to have margins outside images so that important elements do not get cropped.

3. Mention Multiple Taglines for every Image Thumbnail

Native content needs an accompanying image thumbnail to be displayed across mobile & desktop. You also need a creative copy that mimics the title of the article, and one of the best ideas is to offer multiple headline options for each thumbnail. This offers the native ad engine to automatically select the best performing headline and automatically improve the reach of the sponsored post.

Avoid clickbait when thinking of headlines as it makes the content's promotional nature apparent and easier to spot. That is why an SEO-optimized informative headline is a smarter approach.

4. Make native ad placements smart

Native content doesn’t appear as pop-ups, banners, and similar formats, unlike banner ads. They are embedded on the web page in line with other content produced by a publisher's editorial team.

Hence, it is advisable to make native ads more persistent, i.e. the user should be able to scroll up and down a webpage without losing sight of the thumbnail. The persistent nature of native ads sets them apart from other digital ad formats, and the sheer quality of the content and the value to the customer makes users seek these content pieces out, even if they may navigate away.

The persistent nature of native sets it apart from other digital ad techniques. The sheer quality of the content and its value to the customer makes them seek it out, even after they have navigated away from the page.

5. Ensure easy shareability

Top publishers in any domain come with an enormous base of potential customers and a loyal readership. They also enjoy industry-wide credibility, making them more likely for customers to trust ads on these publishing platforms.

Native ads are more valuable than regular display ads, hence they need to garner more value from every content piece as opposed to regular banner ads. Shareability makes a big difference here, producing increased views and prospects from each click.

6. Invest in a solid A/B testing strategy

A robust A/B testing strategy will tell you exactly which ad configurations are working, which are not. They will also tell you the content types that resonate with customers, and which ones are relatively redundant investment areas.

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