August 14, 2022

Why Digital Content-Led Experiences Are the Future of Retail

Modern commerce is driven by shoppers, most of whom have access to a universe of online content before they buy online, or offline

Modern commerce is driven by shoppers, most of whom have access to a universe of online content before they buy online, or offline. In fact, most conscientious Indian shoppers research their product options online before they even head to the store.

With the pandemic reshaping buying habits, D2C has become an even more important way for consumer brands to connect with customers who were staying out of stores & shopping online.

Simply offering products at competitive prices isn’t enough to craft a compelling D2C experience for most consumers. Brands need to replicate the same level of ‘assisted’ shopping that the helpful salesperson at the local mall would offer, i.e. they need to offer helpful content & interactive tools to assist shoppers to make up for the lack of hands-on in-store browsing experience.

A well-crafted UI/UX experience on a brand website, combined with relevant content can impact the bottom line in more ways than one.

For instance, a consumer durables brand with a strong content play can cross-sell customers on additional products & services, by helping them create a smart home, by evangelizing the benefits of the brand’s smart-appliance ecosystem. Additionally, a strong D2C model can offer brands the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams beyond selling one-time purchases to subscriptions for related products such as cleaning filters, detergent - which in turn would create a virtuous cycle of revenue-generating opportunities for customers to engage with the brand and build loyalty over time.

A key reason why consumer brands can cater to customers with rich content experiences on owned platforms is that customers who ‘stumble into’ their next phases amidst a casual online browsing experience are making decisions differently from customers who have visited a dedicated local store to make a quick purchase.

By recognising customers and offering them relevant and personalised content, a brand can build a community of loyal customers.

This audience trusts your existing product or service, trusts you to launch innovative products in the near future, and trusts that you will not fail them. Building this community, and ensuring the most loyal customers stay connected with educational & informative content, live Sessions with discussions and interactions can help generate significant insights about your brand, your competition, and public sentiment on issues and causes your target audience cares about.

Each member of this community is a potential brand ambassador, a micro-influencer, and tying them to the brand with content can help build success stories for brands across the world.

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