August 14, 2022

How To Craft An Authentic Personal Brand Statement That Helps Your Career

The first thing you must do in your journey to building a personal branding is crafting your brand statement.

The first thing you must do in your journey to building a personal branding is crafting your brand statement.

A strong and authentic personal brand can help in your job search, career growth and business goals.

You see, a ‘brand’ is not just about design assets like a brand’s logo, packaging, social media posts and other creative assets. Its’ a blend of how the company presents itself, and how its audience perceives it.

This includes everything from the color, layout and intent of their advertising, its brand voice when dealing with customers at stores or on social media, to the durability of its products among other stuff. All of these contribute towards the impression the public has of the brand.

Just as a business’ brand is a combination of its origin story, aspirations, the unique qualities of its products or services, and the promise backing them, your personal brand is a blend of your elevator pitch, your skills and how you present them publicly. It’s a way of letting universities, potential employers, clients & even investors know who you are, what you can do for them, and why you can do it better than others.

The first thing you must do in your journey to building a personal branding is crafting your brand statement. These are a couple of short and impactful sentences about your personality & your career that let others know about who you are and what you do. It can also include key information including your professional vision, your employers, clients and other partners.

Here’s how you can write your professional statement - start by defining your career. The first part of your brand statement is about your past - your expertise, employers you’ve worked for and your interests.

The next part is about your future - where do you want to see yourself in the near future? Sharing your vision for where you want to be professionally will help others decide whether they want to hire you, or work with you. Think about what led you to do the kind of work you do, who influenced your career decisions, and what would you like to realistically achieve in your career? After you outline your past achievements, and future aspirations, tie these together with the skills that’ll help you get there.

Now write a couple of lines that weaves your story, career goal and skills.

For example, I’m an award-winning public relations & digital communications specialist looking to help mid-career professionals and early-stage entrepreneurs build enduring personal brands that makes a difference to their professional lives. I’ve consulted over forty leading brands, including Paytm, MX Player, The Times Of India, Gaana and countless global business leaders & startup founders in ways to build and manage their reputations with digital-first communication.

As you have professional conversations on LinkedIn or in-person, find ways to incorporate this brand statement. Slip it into your resume, your cold calling emails, your personal website and conversations with industry colleagues and mentors.

Remember, your professional goals will change. So don’t forget to revise your professional statement, and keep refining it over time.

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