August 14, 2022

SERP Analysis And Its Importance In SEO

Well, do you have any idea, how many search queries are made on Google search every second by users? It’s almost 75,000 queries pe

Well, do you have any idea, how many search queries are made on Google search every second by users? It’s almost 75,000 queries per second. And you see a page full of results that match with the search query made by the user. This page is referred to as Search Engine Ranking Page or SERP.

SEO is incomplete, or rather say, does not serve your purpose, if your site does not appear on SERP as there are millions and millions of pages on the web.

So, one important aspect of optimizing a website is to bring your website on the result pages of Search engine, be it Google, Bing, or any other search engines.

Let’s find out below how SERP plays an important role in SEO.

What is SERP?

Search engine results pages or SERPs are web pages that appear when a search or query is made on the search engine by a user. The query can be a phrase or a keyword and the results that are presented are SERPs. You will find different SERPs for each different search query, even if there are similar keywords.

Many factors are taken into consideration for presenting the search results like as location of the user, IP address, previous browsing history and other factors. Again, two SERPs may look similar but there will be always subtle differences. So, a user always has many options to look for answers for a particular query. Also, it’s a common tendency for users to search only those websites which appear on the first result page or first page of SERP. This is where SEO comes into play.

SERP and SEO: Importance of SERP in SEO

It is a proper combination of SEO strategies that can bring your company’s website to the top of SERP. So, SERP becomes important as more clicks and visits become possible to your website with higher ranks. Hence, SERP is actually an essential Internet acronym for all online businesses. Some valuable insights which highlight the importance of SERP:

  • You can either make or break a campaign of online marketing, in which SERP is an essential component
  • No matter what, it's “search marketing” that ultimately becomes the main medium for online success
  • Almost, all users, almost 65%, prefer to select a result that appears on the first page of search results.
  • Of these, more than 90% of the searchers prefer to click only on the first five or six results on the first page, instead of crawling down the entire page

So, reaching the first page is very important.

So, what do you do to improve ranking on search engine?

Google, Bing, and other search engine providers always experiment with the search technique and come up with algorithms which affect the page rankings. With emerging technologies in the search world, it is the responsibility of the search engine optimizers to optimize web content in such a way that the web pages rank high in organic search results.

SEO is basically the correct usage of appropriate keywords, relevant meta-title, descriptions and other meta tags. Google search engine uses its own parameters to give a proper ranking of a website so as to index page/pages of the website. The parameters, to name a few, include the following:

  • Domain History
  • HTML coding
  • Crawl rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Time spent on a page
  • Relevant keywords
  • Loading time
  • Social media presence
  • Quality content
  • Quality backlinks, and many more

5 Basic SEO tactics to improve ranking on SERP

These are the basic ones and not limited to only these tactics. SEO is evolving in a continuous manner. The better we make use of the relevant technique, the better is the chance of improving rankings.

  • Appropriate use of keywords is very important. The basic rule is to know first which keywords will actually work for your business and drive traffic.
  • Placing of right keywords in the content also plays a vital role in SERP. Keywords and Keyword combinations serve half of your purpose.
  • Publishing quality content will always remain the backbone of your search engine rankings. Nothing can work as a substitute for quality content.
  • Regularly updated content is considered as one of the best ways of improving the relevancy of the site. It’s essential to keep it fresh and new. Maybe you can audit your content quarterly and make updates as required. Blogs also help in giving fresh content.
  • Metas and Alt Tags can never be ignored. Of course, the page visibility depends on the relevance of the words or phrase of words used in your Meta title, description and keywords, including the Alt tags for your visual content. Alt tags play an important role for search engines to locate your page. Optimized Metas draw the attention of the users.

Better positioning in the SERPs remains the primary goal of SEO. So, whatever SEO tactics you apply, the objective is to provide the best and the most relevant results to give a good ranking of your website. With more than a billion searches every day on Google, it is obvious that your website should rank on top on Google or other search engines.

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