August 14, 2022

Future of Affiliate Marketing – Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends to Look Out for in 2022

Affiliate Marketing as a 'payperperformance' or 'revenue sharing' marketing model still remains one of the best means of online

Affiliate Marketing as a 'pay-per-performance' or 'revenue sharing' marketing model still remains one of the best means of online marketing. One of the highlights of this form of marketing is that it is one of the most cost and ROI-friendly marketing forms in today’s time. At present, almost 80% of all brands are involved in some form of affiliate marketing.

Over the years, many new tactics have been used and many more are coming up in the digital world of affiliate marketing. The new and existing trends are making affiliate marketing more efficient and performance-oriented and coincide with trends and changes in the digital space. We have outlined the top 5 trends to look out for in affiliate marketing.

Native advertising is a must in affiliate marketing

Native advertising started in 2012 and ever since then, there has always been an increase in its spending. This 'paid-for content' advertisement is placed in such a way that it merges with the rest of the content of another website.

Native advertising promotes a brand on another website without having the appearance of a sales material or a traditional banner ad. In affiliate marketing, native ads are a great traffic source. With native advertising as a part of affiliate marketing, there are more chances of engaging the readers in a more productive way, when affiliates recommend products, brands, services in the way the audience would like to see. Hence, native advertising is a must in affiliate marketing.

Increased use of Voice Search

By 2022, more than 50% of households across the globe will have a smart speaker. We are already using Google voice search, Amazon Echo, Cortana, Alexa, and Siri while more new things are sure to come up. In affiliate marketing, it’s necessary to cater to the increasing use of voice search and capitalize on this trend. There is the need for creating content that can easily comprehend the natural speech patterns of the various users. Positioning your brand in the top organic searches is possible by creating the right phrase of words or long-tail keywords that can be identified with voice commands. To be successful in affiliate marketing, it’s necessary to keep up with the pace of ongoing digital trends. Integrating voice-search will definitely impact your referrals, in a positive way.

Should not ignore Push Traffic

In affiliate marketing, push traffic is still popular and should not be ignored. Start using Push Traffic notifications to promote your product/brand or services as they play an important role in pushing traffic to your site.

There are many chances of blocking such notifications, and hence browser updation is necessary. Browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox have already made the announcement that the algorithm of push notification pop-ups will be changed as soon as possible this year. There are chances that Google Chrome may completely block push notifications from certain sites for a certain rate. But, experts are of the opinion that push traffic will always be around, and affiliate marketers should continue running push ads as these help in getting lots of traffic at a low cost.

Content is still the king

In 2021, content on websites needs to stand out more than ever. In affiliate marketing, it is time to make way for well-rounded content that emphasizes bringing real value to the audience, instead of simply compelling a consumer to visit a marketplace like Amazon.

There is the need for the use of more video platforms, more use of podcasts, and the need for leveraging social media in a better way with the use of authentic content that builds a trust factor. If your content is great, sales will automatically follow. Time to diversify your content now. Mobile-friendly content should be given importance as in today’s time, more than 60% of people use their smartphones to access Google and the Internet.

Influencer marketing, soon to be an integral part of affiliate marketing

Though conceptually, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are two different tools that operate differently, the trend shows that soon influence marketing will be merged with affiliate marketing. After all, the difference between the two is simply based on the payment mode opted for. While with affiliate marketing, the payment is made on a commission basis, with influencer marketing, payment is made on a per post basis.

For affiliates, using influencers is actually a great way to build long-term relationships with potential customers. The basic objective of affiliate marketing is to reach large audiences, and by using social media influencers, there are more chances for brands to reach prospective customers and get a good engagement. According to a report by eMarketer, influencer marketing will surely be an essential segment for a major part of U.S. affiliate marketing spending.

Affiliate marketing will surely remain an excellent strategy to generate sales and create brand awareness for your product or business. There is no denying the fact it is constantly evolving and it is necessary to keep a track of the trends in the digital market. The end rule is to find the perfect agency which can actually execute a well-researched plan, strategy, and of course, use of performance-based methodologies of affiliate marketing to boost your business.

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