August 14, 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Marketing Trends In 2022

Mobile marketing is the latest fad in the online marketing world. In the near future, you can say that marketing through mobile de

Mobile marketing is the latest fad in the online marketing world. In the near future, you can say that marketing through mobile devices and networks will occupy a major portion of your online business. Considering the fact that the estimated number of Smartphone users around the globe is 2.7 billion and the number is continuously growing, the entire future would soon be dependent on mobile phones. People young and old are engaged with mobile devices most of the time and this trend will continue more in the future. So it has become absolutely necessary to adopt effective mobile campaigns to connect to potential customers. Digital experts have already realized this scenario and are adapting to mobile marketing strategies, instead of the traditional marketing tactics.

What is mobile marketing?

Basically, mobile marketing is the technique of communicating with potential customers through mobile devices. You are marketing your brand, product, services, or business to appeal to the users of mobile devices. Major brands like Amazon have already been incorporating customizable ad services that are creating a great impact in e-commerce and the United States’ retail markets.

So, what trends can you expect to see in Mobile Marketing in 2020?

For most marketers, the focus is and will continue to remain on mobile platforms for their marketing efforts.

Let’s elaborate some key findings that will drive the mobile marketing space in 2022.

Voice Search

Voice search has taken over an important aspect of optimization in today’s time. At the initial stage, due to technical glitches, the voice search engine was not so effective. But, at present time, when everyone is in a hurry, searching for something using your own voice is much more convenient and time-saving than typing down something on the search tab. With technological advances, voice recognition, sound processing, and the ability to follow commands or requests have become easier. So, mobile devices with voice search apps will gain more popularity in 2020. Industry experts are of opinion that almost 50% of total search requests will be voice search queries by 2020. People have already started using voice apps like Google Now, Cortana, Siri, or Alexa, and there are many more such voicing devices coming up.


Besides the two most commonly used messaging tools, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, there will soon be another competitor for chatting purposes. This is called 'Chatbot'. Digital marketers should definitely capitalize on this tool in recent time. You can automate your customer service with Chatbot. A chatbot is basically an Artificial Intelligence (AI), natural language, and machine learning (ML) program that processes data via a chat device, and helps the users to get their desired result. A chatbot can become an important mode of mobile marketing wherein the software can provide excellent customer service by handling multiple customer queries at the same time.

Video Marketing

In this fast-paced digital world, video speaks better than content. Instead of reading a complete page content for a particular product or service, there are many who prefer to go through the snapshots in a video. Engaging, entertaining, and time-saving, these are what videos are for, and marketers are using audio-visuals to attract customers. A two-minute video is more preferable and it has been found that there is a greater conversion rate too. Many companies have already started using video marketing. Video marketing will soon be an integral part of mobile marketing.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to mobile marketing, social media platforms like as FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter cannot lag behind. These tools have already come a long way in online marketing. It has been found that most users access their social media platforms through mobile apps. In 2019, there were around 3 billion users of Facebook and Instagram only in a single month. And this number is growing continuously. So, social media marketing will remain an important mode for mobile marketing in 2020 also.

In-app Marketing

Considering the fact that mobile app consumption is considerably increasing, in-app marketing will continue to have its relevance in 2020 as well. In-app marketing helps digital marketers to use personalized messages in real-time to retain and engage customers to up-sell new products. An interesting component of a good mobile marketing strategy is to get customers’ feedback, and in-app marketing definitely helps to get a good collection of customers’ reviews and feedback. According to experts, any engagement with a mobile app can be more fruitful in terms of revenue generation through a solid in-app marketing campaign.

Artificial Intelligence

Last but not the least, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing will be all the more strengthened in 2020 and years ahead. This software helps in tracking the entire marketing process, right from the development of a product to its launch, from its sale to its usage, from customer behavior to their tendencies. Basically, AI in mobile marketing is a complete customer feedback tool, which every business should invest in.

Mobile marketing is the in-thing now. All businesses in order to stay ahead of the competition or to remain competitive should adopt a well-executed mobile marketing campaign, with up-to-date marketing efforts.

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