August 14, 2022

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is about telling your story, and how it reflects in your conduct, aspirations and attitude.

Personal Branding is about telling your story, and how it reflects in your conduct, aspirations and attitude.

Most of us know what business branding is - we casually refer to our favourite ‘brands’ in everyday conversation! It’s truly incredible how some of these brands have built such an enduring impression on the minds of millions of people around the world.

But have you ever considered branding yourself?

We probably never think much about branding ourselves. It sounds unusual, even disrespectful. We never imagine ourselves as vendors of ‘commodities’, or even custodians of a highly sought after service.

In our rush to be accepted at work or in business, we often fail to celebrate how unique we truly are, and how we can benefit by piecing together parts of our abilities and personality to showcase a highly coveted version of ourselves.

In this online era, where things last forever on the internet, and the world disproportionately rewards the best in the business, personal branding is more important than ever.

Your personal brand is not how you promote yourself, or how you hawk your skills to a potential employer or client. It’s the unique combination of skills, experience and personality that you want the world to see. It is about telling your story, and how it reflects in your conduct, behavior, aspirations and attitude. Your personal branding is what differentiates you from others in the business.

In a professional context, your personal brand is the image your colleagues and industry peers have of you. It can be a combination of how they perceive you, what the media or industry peers think of you, and the impression they have from your digital footprint. Owning your personal brand means being intentional about how you want to be perceived by people who matter to you.

Unless you live in a deserted island, each one of us has their own personal brands, whether we like it or not.

Sure, you can ignore your personal brand, and let it develop on its own, chaotically, beyond your control, or invest time and effort to shape it into showcasing you as the person you aspire to be.

In today’s hyper connected world, where every little action is discussed at length on social media, owning and harnessing your personal brand can prove to be an asset to a long & fulfilling career.

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