August 14, 2022

Why Every Artist Deserves A Post-Pandemic Creativity Cleanse

A quaint ‘donothing’ hilly retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

A quaint ‘do-nothing’ hilly retreat is just what the doctor ordered!

Creating something out of nothing is never easy. Back in the days — before we planned our days down to the last minute, or weathered the daily deluge of app pop-ups, life was ‘slow’. This meant more time for reflection — an artist’s primary tool for creativity.

Unfortunately, the city paces our lives today. We honk at cars and slam the steering wheel every time we’re stuck in traffic. Stuck. Stuck in hectic 9-to-5 jobs, stuck chasing daily deadlines, stuck circling life’s roundabouts. Driving at breakneck speeds to nowhere.

Big cities come with big worries…And the last year and a half didn’t help. :(

The creative mind is a unique apparatus — it demands a steady stream of novel experiences. Being couped-up in high-rises, heads weighed down under the ferocious stream of depressing news on the pandemic can be a death blow.

Time may have thrown some dust over our memories of travel, but our bodies are meant to move. So if your creative mind has been hibernating under monotony, pack your bags and leave for a quaint do-nothing retreat.

Here are the 3 things you need to do to help your creative mind recover from the post-pandemic gloom:

1. Digital Detox

We are in dopamine-fuelled toxic relationships with our smartphones. A digital detox is like a little bubble and while at first, it’s tough, it becomes rather easy later. You’ll never realise how important it was until you’ve actually experienced it.

For a generation that’s obsessed with gadgets, a retreat can be a welcome change to explore nature & plug this dopamine overload.

While the views may be a bomb for Insta likes, keeping your phone aside and soaking in the beauty is an even greater reward. Believe me, no camera can replace memory.

2. Settle In

Our city lives are too full of clutter — we are always too ‘busy’ to spend time with ourselves. A do-nothing retreat can give us the perfect setting to tap into the calm inside us.

I’ve found that mountains slow you down. They let you breathe in the fresh air that carries with it the fragrance of pine leaves. For a couple of days, wake up early or late, put on some nice music, curl up with a book or your thoughts. Have endless mugs of ‘pahadi’ chai or potent milky coffee — speak little, let the silence speak.

3. Reflect

Mountains are nature at its rawest, mightiest & most spectacular form. They make you feel small — something most of us self-obsessed city folks need a healthy dose of.

The solemnity of the hills will make you thoughtful. Give everything time to sink in — the stress of being held up for way too long, the memories of love & loss over the past year, self-doubt and self-love. Once the dust has settled, take that notebook out…

Creating something out of nothing is magic. It can take a while.

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