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Saikat Pyne -  Brand Builder India
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The Community Loves Us! ❤️

Insightful questions that led to thought-provoking conversation on media & influence. 💭

Chris Lu
Regional Marketing Head
AnyMind Group

The show touches multiple domains within the digital sphere. Only upwards from here! 🚀

Harnish Shah
Founder & CEO
3 Minds Digital

The show is doing a phenomenal job in informing its audience. 🏆

Avinash Shekhar

An insightful and fun discussion on media and creativity! 💡

Advait Gupt
Founder & CEO
Kulfi Collective

Love the intent behind the podcast! Super fun yet insightful conversations on the new media universe. The show is a great repository for anyone from a student to a CXO!

Tusharr Kumar
Executive Vice President
Only Much Louder

Fantastic show! Glad to have been a part of it. Saikat's knowledge makes the conversation more engaging & compelling. 👌🏻

RS Raghavan
Co-Founder & CEO

I have always found him to have a strong understanding of the business and its nuances. He's also got a sharp intellect and good media relationships.

Ravi K. Shharma
Revenue Head

Saikat has played a pivotal role in managing PR content & media strategy for all group entities of Paytm globally.

Manav Jain
Former Business HR Head
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